Quick and Light

XELF Editor doesn't need any complicated cording but a simple Drag and Drop without an additional program installation
Access at any place, any time and create contents simply, watch them on the web, mobile and any OS environment after free signing up

Extended fields of Expression

You can make dynamic pages with Action functions It provides from object-moving animations to 2-way interactions
Also, add sound effects and background musics to make high-quality contents HTML5 technologies will help you to extend your limit of expression

Free Canvas for Thoughts

Make variety of contents like simple Notes, Reports, Card News, Catalogue and Picture Books, and share them with just one click
XELF provides various environments including mobile devices
With continuous updates, we will provide tools for E-books, Digital Signage, Printings, and help you to fly

First time for using authoring utilities?

Platform introduction and summary

Outlines the Contents Sharing Platform XELF
You can produce high-quality works without HTML expertise

Creating projects

Create projects with a resolution and background colors you want, and input names, descriptions and tags

Locating objects

Locate texts, images, shapes and media objects with simple Drag and Drop
Smart Guide helps you to arrange objects easily

Editing properties

Every object has own properties like colors, shapes and figures Properties can be edited on the right panel easily

Applying actions

XELF Action functions make projects dynamic by applying animation effects and interactions to objects or pages

Sharing projects

XELF helps you to share your or someone else's projects on SNS, email and other homepages

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Please beware of the copyright before reusing projects

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