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XELF is easy and fast contents authoring tool.

Fast and light

XELF is a cloud service that enables you to connect from anywhere, anytime to edit contents easily without having to install separate programs.

Wider scope of expression

Capable of materializing dynamic page using through animation and interactive features. Create contents with higher immersion by utilizing multimedia.

Canvas of liberal thoughts

Create various contents starting from simple memos to reports, card news, catalogs and picture books and share them easily on the web. It is optimized not only for mobile but also for various displays.

Project can be reused.

You can encounter surprising designs and works of members in XELF's gallery. Simply click the Reuse button to edit the project for use.

Is it your first time using authoring tools?


Project is a unit of contents comprised of various pages. Various resolutions, copyrights, viewers, design environment and others can be set depending on the purpose and type of project.

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Authoring tool

XELF authoring tool has been designed intuitively to enable control over majority of work in one screen. Check out the functions that each area is in charge of.

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Several pages can be made in the contents. Different background colors or resolutions can be set separately for each page and transition effect can be applied when moving pages.

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Object refers to elements such as text, shape, image, vector, audio and video that constitute a page. Various properties of each object can be edited.

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Images can be uploaded through library or free image, vector and audio source provided for free in XELF can be used. In addition, image filter and editing module are included.

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Supports action functions so that interaction and animation can be materialized easily without coding. Catch the attention by adding effective action features in dynamic page design.

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Use more features with paid upgrades.

XELF is self-service. However, in case of free members, 1 project can be created in a day. Upload capacity, copyright and privacy bound setting are partially restricted.
If you upgrade to Plus Member, you would be able to access more functions such as bigger capacity, privacy bound setting and video download.

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