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The six major factors that help determine the climate: 1. Latitude 2. Elevation 3. Winds 4. Distance from large bodies of water 5. Ocean currents 6. Topography 6 Main Climate Groups /Click the topics/ /Click the image/


Your elevation is the distance from sea level to you! Ocean


Six Main Climate Groups: 1. Tropical 2. Dry 3. Mild/Moderate 4. Continental 5. Polar 6. High-elevation Found mainly around the equator. High temperatures and lots of rain. Very humid. They are lush in vegetation and animal life. Located in the middle latitudes. Fairly equal amounts of cold and warm weather. Mild temperatures. Changes in weather are not extreme. Vegetation in temperate climates is very diverse. 10 inches of precipitation all year. Vegetation and plant life is sparse. Cool desert - cool winters Hot desert - stays warm all year Found mainly around the north and south poles in regions such as Greenland, Northern Siberia and Antarctica. Often covered with snow and ice. Temperature rarely gets above freezing. Polar climates actually are deserts, because the cold temperatures prevent the air from holding much moisture. Occur in the middle of continents where the oceans and seas cannot impact temperature and precipitation as much. Have hot summers and cold winters & have four distinct seasons. These regions are drier than some other climates. Highland climates usually have cool temperatures. Like polar climates, highland climates don't receive much rain because the surrounding air is too cool to hold a lot of moisture. These climates are found worldwide. /Click the topics/


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