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Steve Jobs' salary was only a dollar a year. So how did he become one of the world's leading chaebol? This Card News content is based on One & One Books' book, 'Manage by Numbers'.

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Steve Jobs Secret of 1$ Salary ‘Manage by Numbers’ by professor Jung-hak Choi of Seoul National University


Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs was paid 1$ Salary annually since year 1998


That he only had 1$ Salary? What was Steve Job's secrets


which motivates employees to work harder – leading to improvement of corporate performances. When the world’s stock market was booming, Steve Jobs is known to have received nearly one trillion won. A stock option is a system that provides employees the right to purchase a certain amount of the company stocks,


However, the annual salary of one dollar which is claimed by many other CEOs besides Jobs is decreasing in usage frequency due to the cynical gaze of “burying one's head ostrich-like in the sand” and various side effects caused by stock options.


Also in Korea, there have been cases which the stock option is abolished because it creates disharmony among employees. It is time to think about “why companies are no longer using stock options”

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