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Three secrets of Santa Claus you didn't know!

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The story of Santa Claus is based on a real person.


The identity of Santa Claus is St. Nicholas. The name of Santa Claus (Santa Klausd) originates from Sint Klases or Sinterklaas, which is the Dutch name for St. Nicholas. The Nicholas Festival Day (St. Nicholas Day) is December 6th, and in Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the believers dressed up as St. Nicholas are known to give out gifts to children on the night of the eve.


Rudolph was created based on a local falktales.


Rudolf was born out of a fairy tale made by an employee of a department store. Rudolph's first appearance was in a fairy tale by Robert L. May, an employee of the department store advertising department in 1939. His wife Evelyn May was suffering from cancer. He wrote a story for his wife and daughter Barbara May, who had been struggling against the illness, and that was the story of nine reindeer trailing Santa's sleigh.


Santa's current image was created for advertising


Santa Claus was a Coca-Cola model of that time! There was originally a story about Santa Claus, but the image was a fairy-like one, and the current image of ‘the white bearded grandpa in red clothes’ was made by Coca-Cola for advertisement. Coca-Cola achieved great success with this advertisement, and this image is still being used until today.

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