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Big Data can predict the outcome of sports? Let's learn about big data in a variety of areas. Made like an animation, played automatically, and includes voice and background sounds from the voice of the voice actor. This content is WHY? The series was published and produced by Yerimdang and the content sharing platform XELF.

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Big Data & Sports


나도 응원 좀 해볼까. 경기장 안으로 들어오니 괜히 신나네! It's exciting to be inside the stadium! Let's cheer for our team.


와! Wow!


안타입니다! It's a hit!


우리 팀의 역전 기회에요. 이제 만루야! It's an opportunity for our team to turn the game around. The bases are loaded now.


오, 다음 선수는 4번타자 이태풍! 만루 홈런 부탁해요! Coming up next is our cleanup hitter, Taepoong Lee! Let’s hope for a grand slam!


이태풍 선수가 얼마나 잘 치는데 삼진을 당해요! 삼진당할 것 같은데. Looks like he’s going to get struck out Taepoong Lee is too good of a player to get struck out


스트라이크 아웃! 으앗, 안 돼! Ahh, no! Ahh, no!


만루에서 삼진 아웃이라니 너무해. 그것도 이태풍인데!! Struck out when bases are loaded, that’s terrible. Can you believe it? it was Taepoong Lee!!


어떻게 삼진을 예상했어요? 우연이겠지. 그동안의 기록을 분석해 봤지. How did you expect a strike out? I've analyzed the recorded data so far. It must be a coincidence.


자, 이 데이터를 봐. Now, take a look at this data.


이태풍 선수는 만루에서 삼진당한 경우가 많았어. 그리고 좌완 투수에게 약했지. Taepoong Lee was often struck out when bases were loaded and his batting average was weak for left handed pitchers.


혹시 야구에도 빅데이터가 사용되나요? 야구는 통계의 스포츠야. 모든 것이 숫자로 기록돼. Is big data being used in baseball? Baseball is a sport of statistics and everything is recorded in numbers.


선수의 타율, 타점, 홈런, 실책 등 모든 데이터를 수집하고 분석해서 경기에 활용해요. 선수의 부상 확률과 원인 등을 파악하는 데도 활용하고 Players’ batting averages, RBIs, home runs, and errors are collected, measured and analyzed for future games. It is also used in understanding the probabilities and causes of the players’ injuries.


영화요? 미국의 프로 야구 메이저 리그에서는 철저하게 데이터를 분석해. 그것과 관련된 영화가 개봉되기도 했지. This big-data is thoroughly being analyzed in the Major League Baseball of the US. There's even a movie about it. A movie?


실제 이야기를 영화로 만든 거에요? 그래, 빅데이터 분석으로 야구팀을 운영한 빌리 빈 단장 이야기야. Yes, it's about Billy Bean who ran a baseball team with big data analytics. Was this movie based on a true story?


빅데이터와 '머니볼' 2011년 개봉한 스포츠 드라마 영화 '머니볼'은 미국 프로 야구 팀 오클랜드 애슬레틱스의 단장 빌리 빈이 팀을 발전시키는 과 정을 그렸다. 빌리 빈 단장은 빅 데이터를 활용한 머니볼 이론을 주장했다. 머니볼 이론은 홈런 이나 타율이 높은 타자보다 출 루율이 높은 타자가 득점 확률 이 높다고 판단한 이론이다. Released in 2011, the sports drama movie ‘Moneyball’ depicts the development process of a baseball team, Oakland Athletics, by their general manager Billy Bean. He insisted on the theory of Moneyball using the big data analytics. Moneyball theory is a judgment based on a theory that hitters with higher on-base percentages are more likely to score than homeruns or batters with high batting averages.


오클랜드는 머니볼 이론으로 좋은 성적을 냈나요? Did Oakland perform well with the Moneyball theory?


최하위에 그치던 팀을 4년 연속 포스트시즌에 진출시키고 메이저 리그 최초로 20연승이라는 신기록도 세웠어. 우아, 대단하다. The team was able to advance to the postseason for four consecutive years and set a new record of 20 consecutive wins for the first time in Major League Baseball. Wow, that’s incredible!


그럼 다른 스포츠에서도 빅데이터를 많이 활용하겠는데요? 응, 독일의 축구 국가 대표도 빅데이터를 잘 활용해서 월드컵에서 우승을 거뒀어. If so, is the big data analytics being used in other sports as well? Yes, Germany's national soccer team also used the big data analytics to win the World Cup.


The national German soccer team that was preparing for the 2014 World Cup, collected and analyzed data by attaching sensors to each player’s knees and shoulders during training and games. As a result, Germany won the 2014 World Cup by training in this way that provided real-time solutions of strategies and tactics that met players' present physical conditions and their current strengths and weaknesses.


빅데이터는 스포츠의 다양한 종목으로 확산되고 있어요. 선수들의 피나는 훈련에 빅데이터를 활용한 지원이 더해지면 좋은 성적이 뒤따르니까. Big data analytics is spreading and being recognized in various areas of sports. Since the use of big data to their training results in players’ better performances,


빅데이터 덕분에 스포츠의 재미가 더 커지겠어. sports is going to be more fun with the use of big data.


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