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The tarot card fortune telling for mobile touchscreen. Choose a simple card to enjoy the fun of today's fortune.

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Today's Fortune Today's Fortune With Tarot Cards, Find Out Your Start


Today's Fortune Today's Fortune With Tarot Cards, Find Out Your Think about your day and choose a card.


Even if you see a new alley while walking down the street, you should go on the road you know today. Even if you see a new alley while walking down the street, you should go on the road you know today. But if you have always been with friends who give you peace of mind, it will be a great day! It's dangerous outside the blanket! A clown card with a young man trying to travel on a cliff is often interpreted as a sign of beginning signifying humbleness, simplicity, immaturity, carelessness, immoderation and instability. It can also be interpreted as vanity, emptiness, neglect, inattention, pride, apathy, or indifference. go back The Fool


If you spent your day diligently, your pockets would already be full. Today is the day your hard work pays off. But don't forget. If you had a lazy day, there could be no fruitful results even on such a happy day. It's entirely up to you. The Empress Did you get up early today? At the bottom of the card is a wheat field, a symbol of abundance. There is a lush thick forest behind it, which is a bright day. On the card, the empress is sitting comfortably, with the pattern of grapes on her costume and she is wearing a pearl necklace, a symbol of patience, on her neck. go back


This card with the man hanging upside down is a positive card. While it can be read as self-immersion, a relaxed mind, and a change of viewpoint; on the other hand, it can be interpreted as seeing signs of betrayal, unrewarded person, lack of patience, sacrifice, repentance, regret and abandonment. Dancing as if insane with flowers on the head! Why not boldly experiment a challenging work today, not to the point of deviance? It's a good idea to present flowers to someone you're interested in or try new methods to execute your work. But in terms of money, you may not be fortunate enough, so don’t think about tempting the goddess of fortune. The Hanged Man go back


As a card that has been recognized as an ominous card, the rebirth at the same time as dissolution imply a lot of dual meanings. It can be interpreted as unhappy love, farewell, end, cleaning up the past, trouble, end of love or slow fluctuations, slightly avoiding serious problems, resurrection of hope, new love, recovery of health, and so on. Surprise! You may be taken back by unexpected changes. That unfriendly he (she) may make an unexpected love confession or you may take a heavily responsible role in your company. In extreme cases, you may move or change your job. Perhaps a small change may cause a butterfly effect, so if you feel a little sensitive, you shouldn't miss a small signal today. It may be an important event that implies your future. The Death go back


It is the best card in terms of relationships. It can be interpreted as a good partner or collaborator, a struggle against temptation, romance, or marriage, but it also could signify love triangle, divorce, failure, separation, fickleness and so on. Chances are on your side! Nothing will happen if you just stay in the room. Now it is time for the couch potatoes and homebodies to fix their shoelaces and head outside. It could be sports, travel, exhibitions or hobbies, so just have an energetic day. Today you will meet someone who’ll leave a significant impact on you. You won't be able to do this in an internet chat room or social media, so just for today, RUN! RUN! The Lovers go back


The emperor symbolizes masculine power and authority. It is interpreted as offering of marriage, meeting with a prospective marriage partner, love with an older person, and indomitable spirit, while it could also be read as incompetence, the end of a failed person, reckless ambition, pretentiousness, weak will, immaturity and indecisiveness. be more careful in times like this! You may be out of the house without washing your hair and you bump into the person that you like, or you may realize that you left your house key at the company in front of your door steps. Today is a day to be careful and careful. It could not be that big of a deal, but it won't be nice to be the talk of the town or make mistakes. If you are prudent and wise, you can survive through the time like today. The Emperor go back


This card of an old-looking man, standing on with a light lamp, is interpreted as craving for Platonic love, unrequited love, and circumspection; on the other hand, it can also be interpreted as recklessness, loss of discernment, inconsistency in words and actions, impatience and haste. You are walking just steadfastly walking your path! You are pretty confident and well prepared. Yesterday's incident doesn't have to be depressing and it shouldn’t make you feel small. You don't need to have trivial thoughts, so you just boldly take your steps forward . There is only one thing to note. You should not hurry. Busily moving around won’t take your worries away and things won't get done faster. Be loose and walk confidently! The Hermit go back


This star-filled card is interpreted as having new ideas, great love, seeing the end of adversity, setting a goal for good signs or be read as state of poverty, differences of reality and ideology, having a disappointment, looking for prophecy decisions and so on. Silence is gold! The Star It's a day when you can spit out words that could hurt others or hear them yourself. The more trustworthy your friends are, the more polite you need to be, from hurting each other. In addition, showing off or butting in other people’s businesses will just trigger envy and jealousy. If you are not a careful person, I recommend that you do not do anything just for today. Not talking for just one day won’t kill anyone. go back


The sun card with a child riding on a white horse and smiling brightly in a sunflower-filled place signifies success, satisfaction, love, happy marriage, engagement, blessed love, a birth of a boy or broken plan, misery, seeing signs of separation, worsening of interpersonal relationships, and an unstable future. Let's be a good person for today Now, promise me that you’ll be a good person today. It's also a great idea to call your parents, express your feelings that you don't normally talk about and give out donuts in your office. The bad feelings in your heart will sneak up, but let's put up with it a little. You never know that the seed you sow today may return to you in doubled amount. The Star go back

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