[TED]Where had all bees gone?

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Honeybees are disappearing.But why does that matter? In this episode, we will learn about the causes of honeybees disappearing. Don't die, honeybees. XELF Collaboration Project 1! Ted from One & One Books, get insight into the future. Don't forget to press Share!

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Where had all bees gone? TED, The eye to see the future TED's future scenery 49


71% of the World's food is pollinated by bees Out of the 1,500 crops grown by humans, 30% rely on bee pollination. If you take a look at the top 100 crops that account for 90% of the world's food, it can be assumed that 71% of them bear fruits as a result from honey bees. The type of bees over than 20,000 Bee's pollination 30% of human cultivars 71% of top 100 crops


40% 25% 45% Honeybees Are vanishing From the Earth! Europe's bees have been vanished 25% Since 2010, In Britain, 45% of bees have vanished Since 2006, In the United States 40% of honeybees are vanished over a decade


Changes in Farming Methods Cover plants such as clovers (nitrogen-fixing plants) are an important source of food for honey bees that are being replaced by synthetic fertilizers these days. The First Reason bees are disappearing


The Second Reason bees are disappearing Single-Species Cultivation Unless highly profitable crops like beans or corns, kills the crops with herbicides.


The Third Reason bees are disappearing Increased Pesticides Use One of the most commonly used pesticides ‘neonicotinoids’ is known to poison honeybees, causing them to lose sense of direction and make them unable to return to their hive.


We propose a 'bee's way' to save the bees Professor Spivak suggests a “bee's way” to save the bees. Plant native flowers within your neighborhood after searching on the internet. Bees require a variety of flower gardens to live and prosper. “Thank you in advance on behalf of the bees” – Professor Spivak


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