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2018 Summer Join us at Busan NSP KMSAWe invite you to Busan National Social Program !!


Exploring Busan, South Korea2018.07.07~2018.07.08 Busan Haeundae beachWhen? Where?KMSAInput Text


What is NSP??NSP  is a one-night, two-day program hosted by KMSA  to present a joyful experience to foreign exchange students and Korean medical school students


If you want to…1. Relax and feel the beauty of Korean beach 2. Try real Korean southern style food 3. Travel somewhere unique with local guides4. Meet new friends with lots of fun5. Feel Saturday night fever of BusanDo not hesitate to join us!


About Busan...Busan is a coastal city with beautiful view, located in southern-east Korea. It is the most characteristic city which has nature as mountains, river, oceanbut industralized cosmopolitan style as well.


Itinerary- Day 1Street of film - Dongbaek Island - Dalmagi Hill - Mipo Railroad - Haeundae Beach - Haeundae Market - Clubbing at night!!Street of film is located in Marine city area, which celebrates BIFF(Busan International Film Festival) held in Haeundae beach every October. In Dalmagi Hill, you can buy accessory and souvenirs from local designers.At night, you could try local foods at Haeundae market, which is famous for porkstew with rice.


@한국관광공사Itinerary- Day 2초량 이바구길 (Cho-lyang, Ibagu road) ->부산 국제시장(Busan guk-jae market)Cho-lyang, Ibagu road is located near by Busan train station.After walking all the stairs, you can enjoy great scenary of Busan port.Then, we will head to guk-jae market which reserves memoirs of Korean War refugees in 1950s. It is still famous Korean traditional market.


Looking forward to meet you ALL in Busan!!

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