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What? Eat insects? Oh, my God! But there is a reason to eat insects. Let's hear why they say that. XELF Collaboration Project 1! Ted from One & One Books, get insight into the future. Don't forget to press Share!

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Now, It's time to eat insects TED's future scenery 49 TED, The eye to see the future


The food that humanity can eat is decreasing. 40% of the world's land is used to raise livestock, and 70% of the world's freshwater is used to raise these animals. The average annual protein consumption in developing countries is 25kg, and it is getting closer to the 100kg – the average of developed countries. The Earth is running of 'Food'


Now it's time to eat insects


The First Reason you should eat insects : The greatest protein meat on the Earth Insects have the highest protein content of any food on the earth. Based on 100g of meat, we can get 21g of protein from beef and 16g of protein from pork, but can obtain whopping 70g from dried grasshoppers. 21g 16g 70g


The Second Reason you should eat insects : The most meat with The lowest food Investing 10 kg of feed yields 1 kg of meat for beef, 3 kg for pork, and 5 kg for chicken, but produces 9 kg of meat when it comes to grasshoppers.


The Third Reason we should eat insects : No Contagion, Eco-friendly Since chickens, pigs, and cows are mammals like humans, diseases can spread. But insects don't. Moreover, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by raising livestock is very small, about one hundredth of the amount. Carbon Dioxide Methane Avian Influenza Foot-and-Mouth Disease Mad Cow Disease


Insects, Don't they look tasty?


According to Professor Dikke, we all eat about 500 grams of insects a year! Insects are usually detected in processed foods such as tomato soup, peanut butter, chocolate and noodles. In addition, when coloring foods such as strawberry milk or crab meat in red, insects are used as source of dye. An Inconvenient Truth


God's last hidden gift, Insects Efforts to eat insects are taking place all over the world like making insects into powder or liquid. Even it's matter of principle, It is time to eat insects!


TED's future scenery 49 TED, The eyes seeing future Go Buy 『TED, The eyes seeing future』 Go TED “Why not eat insects?”

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