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Google Chrome is known for itsshape and color combination.Have you ever wondered that howlarge the red area is, or is it right 1/3?Let's suppose length of the line is 1,and calculate the red area.


The red area is 1/3 of outer area, soYou can calculate the red areaby dividing outer area into 3.Is the red area 1/3 of outer area?You can figure it out by using support lines.1/31/3


Equals πBy the Pythagorean theorem,  R² - r² = 1 , thereforesubtracting small circle from large circleIf radius of large circle is R, and radius of small circle r,To calculate the outer area of ring, you need tosubtract the small circle from the large circle.


If you don't use support lines tosimplify the quiz, it would be hard.Simplifying complicated problems andSolving it easily,You can learn by META THINKING


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