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Free Card News Taplet Series 8th, Alchemy Garden Cooking Honeytips we Don't Know Open templates to help everyone create content quickly and easily.

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Thrifty cooking tips that we do not know Today, I am the chef channel


01 Preserving kimchi for a long time By putting dried eggshells or clam shells in a kimchi container, calcium neutralizes the lactic acid that prevents kimchi from over fermenting.


Tip on Onion Geotjeori When making a simple onion geotjeori, you can remove the onion's spicy taste by soaking it in cold water beforehand. 02


Soju Utilization You can see the deodorizing effect by putting a soju in a cup and leaving it in the refrigerator without sealing it. 03


Thrifty cooking tips that we do not know We have looked into useful tips to make use of ingredients that you can easily find in your life! Feel free to try it out. Please look forward to the part 2 of our Thrifty Cooking Tips that We Do Not Know. Planning: Xelf Kim, Production: Xelf Kim

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