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Tutorial 01

1. Platform Introduction

1-1. What is XELF?

Content sharing platform XELF makes it easy to create and share content.

Easily create content in a simple drag and drop way in your browser without installing complex programs. Anyone can easily create documents, content, and presentations without any special knowledge of html language. It is stored in the cloud at the same time as it is written, so you can share it with email, SNS, and mobile with just one click.

1-2. Features of the XELF platform

XELF is a cloud service.
XELF is a cloud service that lets you create content anytime, anywhere without having to install programs. Authored content can be modified, edited, replicated and reused.

XELF is easy and simple.
XELF is the easiest and simplest authoring tool for creating content, and it is easy to distribute and share via the platform. You can easily place objects such as text, images, and multimedia with the drag and drop. You can create interactive content that works on the web without any special knowledge of html 5 or coding.

XELF is optimized for web / mobile environments.
Content created through authoring tools supports a wide variety of mobile devices, PC/MAC web browsers, digital signage and flexible display devices through a dedicated viewer.

Take advantage of interaction and animation features.
Use various action features. Insert media and add vitality with fun animations. XELF can animate, dynamically render, and develop bidirectional interface without complex coding.

The XELF authoring tool currently only supports Chrome browsers with high support for html5 / css3.

However, the XELF viewer that displays the created content can be executed not only in Chrome but also in various browsers such as Explorer 8 or higher, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.

1-3. Field of application

XELF platform can be leveraged from simple memos to a variety of areas, including reports, card news, catalogs, webtoon/picture books, and casual games. Through the gallery, anyone can publish their own content or apply it to their content created by other members shared in the form of templates.






E-book publishing




Digital signage


Invitation, event

* In the gallery, you will find high-level designs, diagrams and animation sources created by many members of XELF. Combine XELF with content in a variety of areas.