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Tutorial 08

8. Practical use

8-1. Share project

XELF is a content sharing platform that provides a simple and easy way to share. Content created in XELF can be shared externally via project URL, Facebook, source code, and email sharing.

You can click the Share button by putting the mouse over the content you want to share in My project, or in the gallery.

You can also click on the content you want to share and use the Share button on the View details page.

1) URL sharing

In the first menu of the Share pop-up, click the Copy link button to copy the address of the project you want to share. You can share your project by pasting the link where you want to share it.

2) Source code sharing

You can copy the source code in the second menu of the Share pop-up to show the content created with XELF on the external page. You can also view XELF content on the external page by copying the HTML source code with the Copy button and pasting the HTML code.

3) Email sharing

In the third menu of the Share pop-up, you can email the URL address of the XELF content that you want to share. Enter the name of the sender, the email address of the recipient of the XELF content link, and the optional add-on to add to the email. You can share content by clicking the Send button.

8-2. Content extraction and log analysis

XELF is a content sharing platform that creates content and shares it. It ensures search for shared content and provides statistics on inflows. This will help you identify the activity of people who view your content and which content they prefer.

1) Content extraction

XELF extracts the text entered on each page to facilitate content search. The extracted text is displayed by page and the content can be found from Google via extracted text.

Extracts only the text used in the text object or table object of XELF. The text contained in the image or diagram cannot be extracted.

2) Log analysis

XELF extracts the source code for the content and displays the number of views, statistics by region/browser, and inflow paths for the content. Therefore, users can utilize content log information provided by XELF for analysis and marketing of content without purchasing a separate analysis program.