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Contents, everything that you can imagine

Various content, from simple memos to presentation materials, card news, e-Learning, and HTML5 games can be made and shared on the web.

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E-book Publishing

App UI

Web Site

Digital Signage

Event Planning

Provides fast and simple design environment without having to install separate programs.

9 design objects can be allocated freely using drag and drop.

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Animation and interactive, script environment for developers

Create pages that move and respond through over 30 action functions and utilize them in making e-Learning contents.

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Displayed in optimal resolution for not only PC and mobile but also for digital signage.

Make your own micro site that even plays mobile catalogue animations that responds at the tip of the fingers!

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Contents platform for your business

If the high development cost of html5 contents is a burden, choose XELF products for corporate.
From independent server establishment to services for SMEs!

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Verified safety and usability

Contents platform verified through GS certification, Grand Prize in New SW Product and over 20,000 projects.

Reduction of contents development cost

Contents applied with animation, quiz and functions optimized to mobile can be developed at more than 70% affordable prices.

Continuous platform management

1:1 consulting by platform specialist and on/offline training required for producing contents are being offered.

Partners and client companies

Use all the functions of authoring tools for free.

Free members can create 1 project per day.